Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just a couple of my looks that I play with.

This is how I went out of the house today. I always get compliments on this look. No, my lips aren't crooked... J doesn't take very good pictures and I had curled my lip at him right before he got this shot. I love that man, but some days...

This is my version of a rainbow eye. It's not a true rainbow because there's no yellow or orange. It starts with chrome blue, then goes grape, ruby, and wild emerald. The colors are lined up in the same order on the lower lid, with dark blue liquid eyeliner on the top lid, highlight white under the eye (and under the eyeshadow), and green on the waterline.

This was just a little green/gold look that I slapped on before going in for my 4 hours on the 24th. I wasn't really concerned with how it looked and was around half asleep while applying it. I don't know if I would repeat this look.

There's a base of highlight white, with wild emerald on the inner half of the lid and tinsel on the outer half. Lined in the black cream eyeliner applied with an eyeliner brush, with a under brow highlighter of crystal white.

This is an icy eye look, which I thought fitting considering the nasty cold that we've had recently. The highs may be in the 20s, but with a wind at 20-30 mph with gusts to 50 and a windchill in the single digits, it's been a real bitch!

On this look I used the white cream shadow/liner as the base, cut half and half chrome blue with highlight white and applied to the whole lid, then used chrome blue uncut to the outer lid and crease. I lined it with a blue liquid eyeliner on the upper and lower lid, and a blue kohl-type eyeliner to the waterline.

There... now y'all can see a very very small sampling of the very odd looks that I do every morning. I have no fear of my makeup application and I feel no need to think that I need to look more/less conservative in my job (legal dept of a large insurance company). I'm of the opinion that I only get to live *this* life once so I might as well enjoy myself!

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  1. OMG, I love those looks on you. They are freak'n awesome.