Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mineral Shadows Pt. 1... Where I am not so pleased with my purchase.

Ok, here's part 1 of the mineral shadows post.

I would link this, however the shop that I bought it from on Etsy says that the seller is no longer registered with Etsy. This is the "Sterling Collection" from MineralMagic.

I bought this set because I loved the colors in the photograph that you can see here. This shows two golds (one lighter than the other), a brighter and darker green, a wine and a silver. Now... what I got, well... not so much. The darker green is actually a greenish brown. The lighter green is very very pale, much paler than you would think from this picture. The lighter gold is actually gold, which is goood... the darker gold is a kinda augusty-pumpkinish-brownish gold. It's really hard to describe. It is pretty, don't get me wrong... but it's not gold. Or brown. Hell, it hasn't yet made up it's mind! The silver is actually more gray than silver. In fact, it's so gray that I haven't yet used it.

My impression of this seller is that the images are less than true to color. Mind you, I viewed this on not one but 4 different monitors... and none of them came close to the actual colors sent. I didn't get a chance to mention that to the seller... the store was already closed by the time I got what I ordered. However, I do like the colors enough to use them in combination with other colors I already owned. I've already talked to a friend of mine who orders bulk containers to ask her to purchase a bag of jars with sifters so I can blend these colors in with colors that I'm already blending them with in order to have ease of usage.

This product was packed in medium sized 5 gram jars. The amount of product I would say is around maybe 2 grams in said 5 gram jar. The lids are opaque white... and I HATE that. I always end up having to either open the jar or flip it over unopened to figure out what color it is. It gets really annoying to flip over 4 jars before you find that the one you want is the 5th jar. Please. I could have ruled out the others without fucking around if the lids were clear. Not only that, but the amount of product per jar wasn't up to what I think it was worth. I've purchased from other sellers with the same size jar and gotten more product in that jar. I call it "bang for the buck", slang that I've heard since I was a small child.

Now on the quality of the shadows... they are highly pigmented, yes. However, they seem to be too much of a mix and not enough stand alone color. What I mean by that is there appears to be a LOT of aurora borealis type shimmer to these shadows. While I love a good shimmery shadow, that kind of shimmer appears to be all colors in one instead of a purple shimmer in a purple shadow. When there is too much of it, well... everything kinda begins to look rather brown. That's what you get when you mix all kinds of colors together willy nilly. Brown shadow. If I wanted something that appeared brown when applied, the logical choice would be to buy a brown shadow.

Basically what I ended up doing is taking purer colors from another seller and using them to blend with these colors. Blending a true green with the darker green made it appear green with brown shimmer instead of straight brown shimmer.

All in all... I won't purchase from the seller again, at least not eyeshadows. Before the shop closed I did find a mineral lipstick there that I really enjoyed.

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